Vin’s Ezine#14

23, June 2014

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The difference between style and fashion is quality.-Giorgio Armani

Thank you all for the postive feedback on the Bridal Guides Series. We are glad that you found the guides useful. 🙂

In our previous issue, we asked you to send in your best experiences, stories or thoughts on friday the 13th. We recieved a lot of interesting tweets. Read on to see our top favs.

Vin is doing a professional course in fashion designing and wants you to join her on her journey into the world of fashion designing.

She will post her musings, sketches, designs and give you a glimpse of a fashion enthusiast’s world.


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Best Friday the 13th Tweets:


Top posts from Vin’s Look Book as chosen by our readers.

1) Guest Post by Robin Avidor

The snow finally melted and sun came out. What a great day to go shopping Soho NYC!! You never know what you will find.

Well, I found a fashion education at Madonna & Co in Soho!

When you walk into Madonna & Company your first feeling is homey. A very luxurious home, like the most awesome closet ever! There is so much to see, things you won’t see anywhere else. This is what they have to say…”It’s completely and uniquely about you. We figure you’re tired of seeing the same old, same old so we’ve put the thrill back in shopping.” and it’s true. It’s definitely not a shop for only the wealthy woman. It is for every woman who loves to have a unique, edgy, NYC kind of style. That’s ME! The shop is very inviting and the staff is super friendly. I absolutely recommend that you visit them. Allow yourself plenty of time to take it all in, don’t worry there are comfy seats if needed! …….. Read more.


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2) Vin’s Styling Hairstyles

A product review on hair extensions that are super easy to attach and detach.

review,hair,style,hair style,extensions

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