Vin’s Ezine #13

14 June, 2014

Vin's Magazine Cover
Innovation! One cannot be forever innovating. I want to create classics”
― Coco Chanel
This week we continue with the ‘June Bride Series’.  A collection of guides for the bride, her mother and guests of the bride.
We put together handy tips for the mother of the bride so that she can look her elegant best. We have a guide for the wedding guests so that they can easily choose the best outfit for the wedding. We even have a guide on wedding veils that will help you choose a veil that will compliment the bride’s gown.
Read on to learn more.
Yesterday was the ‘unlucky’ Friday the Thirteenth. We love all things super natural, so if you have any interesting Friday the Thirteenth stories to tell, share them with us on twitter.
The best one’s will be posted in next week’s edition of Vin’s Ezine.
Favorite posts chosen by our readers.

1) Tank Top Styling Tips: The modest way to wear a tank top. 

It’s summer time, this means all the tank tops and sleeveless tops come out of  storage.  Although it is hot and tank tops are the most comfortable attire for this time of year, we have some tips to help you stay classy and cool.
tank,fashion,how to,modest

Click the pic to view the post.

June Bride Special


1)Mother of the Bride – Dress Guide

Learn how to dress to bring out your charm and grace on your daughter’s special day.

Click the pic to view the post.

2) Wedding Guest- Dress Guide

Look gorgeous for any wedding without upstaging the bride.

Click the pic to view the post.

3) Bridal Veil- Dress Guide

You’ve found your dream wedding dress, now you need to pick a veil that compliments it.

Click the pic to view the post.

These are the final set of wedding guides. We hope that you find them helpful.

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