Vin’s Ezine #12

7 June, 2014

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No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart.-Anonymous

 Yes, we admit it, we have been missing in action for a while now. If you know us well, you would have guessed that it was an ” enhancement break”. That short span of time where we just stop and re-evaluate the quality of our ezine. The good news is, we are back!

Since July is the month of weddings, we decided to create a series of guides for the bride and just about everyone else involved.

Learn how to look flattering no matter what your body type may be and how to choose the right materials and colors.

Keep reading to find out more.


In The 4th edition of Vin’s Ezine, we introduced the Purple Blog Awards By Vin’s Look Book. This award is our little way of spreading some love in the blogosphere. Each month ,if we find a blog we like, we nominate it for this award. Interested to know more? Click the Award logo above to visit our rules and regulations page.

The Winners for June 2014 are:

Chic and Defined:

Nice to meet you! I’m Kyle, a recent grad of  the University of Michigan who’s obsessed with all things fashion and media.This is a fashion and career blog, that’s also here to document my steps, and missteps, as I graduate, begin navigating through the world of PR, job hunt and just try to be a 20 year old! It won’t just be about fashion or just about PR and Lifestyle stuff; it’ll be a mix of both and how they fit in with my at times crazy life. Sometimes a quote is all that’s needed other times a whole page.

Visit Kyle’s blog here:

Dear Solo:

hi! my name is foyin ogunrombi (otherwise known as foyin og) and i began this little blog in june 2012 as a means of personal expression. i wanted to showcase my favourite fashions, outfits, music and writing among other things.

Visit Foyin’s blog here:

Style By Beatrice :

I’m Beatrice and I’m fourteen years old.I blog about Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle, which means that I talk about the latest fashion trends and news, I post ‘outfit of the day’ posts, I review make up, I post make up looks and I have series called: ‘Cooking with Beatrice’ where I share my recipes and I have another serie called ‘Girl Talk’ where I talk about problems girls struggle with.
Visit Beatrice’s blog here:

The Styleseer:

I’m Lauren, a passionate photographer. I love fashion, food, far-flung places. Aspiring to be West Coast’s Bill Cunningham.


I’m Anngelik Mary Martinez. The word “Fashion” does not mean to go out and buy everything that one sees as expensive. Being fashionable is an expression that one creates to be unique and different from everyone else. To stay up to date with fashion is very easy and it should not be expensive. My goal is to inspire every woman out there and to show what’s in style and where to shop for it at good and affordable prices because every woman out there deserves to be and feel beautiful!
Visit Anngelik’s blog here:
Congratulations to this months winners 🙂

Top four posts of the week chosen by our readers:

1) MET Gala- Best Dressed:

We spotted some of the most outstanding looks on the red carpet at the anual MET Gala.

met gala

Click to view the post.

2) Billboard Music Awards- Best Dressed:

The red carpet was sizzling at the Bill Board Music Awards. We found the looks that were to die for and recreated them, with a little twist ofcourse.

billboard music awards

Click the pic to view the post.

June Bride Special



Bride’s Guide to the Perfect Wedding Dress:

Vin has put together a short and sweet guide that should make your wedding dress hunt as enjoyable as it should be. She also added some helpful pointers that will make the process less harrowing.


Click the pic to view the post.

Bridesmaid’s Guide to dresses:

On most ocassions, the bride also has to choose the bridesmaid dresses. This can be difficult as each bridesmaid has different needs. How can the bride handle this situation? Vin has all the details you need to know.

Click the pic to view the post.

Next week we will post a guide for the mother of the bride and the wedding guests. Be sure to check back for the rest of the guides in the ‘June Bride’ series.

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