Vin’s Ezine #11

22 March, 2014

Vin's Magazine Cover
The sign of a beautiful person is, that they always see beauty in others.—Anonymous
The top three posts from Vin’s Look Book as chosen by our readers.

1) How to Wear Strapless dresses.

If you never liked strapless dresses, we have an article that will make you change your mind…..or at least consider wearing a strapless dress.
Click the pic to view the post.

2) How to Host a Successful Giveaway

No matter what niche your blog comes under, a giveaway is the best way to interact with your readers. We give you the perfect guide to host a successful giveaway without the hassle.

Click the pic to view the post.

3) How to Create a Badge for Your Website/Blog

Every blog/website deserves a good badge. This helps you to create a brand as well as an online identity.   

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