Vin’s Oscar Party-Sneak Peek

Vin's Oscar Party!!
Tomorrow is the day of the Oscars and we are hyped about the party!
Log into twitter while you are watching the show and comment on your fav outfits, celebs, movies and everything Oscar.
Remember to use #VOP when tweeting.
Here’s a sneak peek of what we have planned for the party.
So what can you expect at Vin’s Oscar Party?
Spot the color: We name a color and you need to spot a celebrity wearing that color. If you are the first to tweet the name of the celeb wearing the color we named, you win a prize from our sponsors.
Guess the brand: Can you tell which brand the celeb is wearing right away? Remember you need to be the first to name the correct brand in order to win.
I Spy: We will name an accessory or type of clothing and you need to tweet in the name of the celeb. The first person to get it right wins!
Ask Vin
If you see a look you like, tweet it in and Vin will tell you how to get the look without spending a billion bucks. 🙂
Love a celeb hairdo, but don’t know how to do it? Tweet about it and Vin will give you the tutorial.
Best dressed list
Vote for your favorite looks and the final best dressed list will be put up on Vin’s Look Book based on your votes.
Worst dressed list
Don’t like an outfit that a celeb is wearing?  Tweet about the outfits you think were a disaster and Vin will create a makeover magic post to recreate the outfit and make it better.
Hope to see you there 🙂

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