Vin’s Ezine #4

27 January, 2014

“Oh, never mind the fashion. When one has a style of one’s own, it is always 20 times better.”
― Margaret Oliphant

Vin’s Look Book is proud to present, the ‘Purple Blog Awards’! It can be considered as the golden globe of blogging. We come across so many fantastic blogs all over the internet, so we decided to show our appreciation through these awards. It doesn’t matter what category your blog comes under; If you show passion and dedication in your blogging, we will nominate you.

Every month, we will select 10 winners. Their blog will appear in the blogroll of honor. They will also be featured here on Vin’s Ezine. The winners also get a special badge to display on their blogs. This badge is password protected, so not just anyone can get it.

We will start selecting nominees for the month of February. We wish you all luck.

1) Styling with pink

A color that is cliched to be girly but can be worn to look edgy too.

2) Owl Prints

Animal prints are always classy and owl prints are no exception.

3) Red Pants

This is a tricky trend to try. We give you our styling ideas to keep the disasters to a minimum.

It’s still January but we are excited about Valentine’s Day. Tell us the funniest memory from a previous Valentine’s Day celebration on our facebook page.


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