Vin’s Magazine #1

6 January, 2014

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“Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”
― Anna Wintour
It’s a brand new year and everybody has got some resolutions or the other. Some we manage to keep, others we  don’t. 
We want to know, what your fashion resolution is.
Share it with us on facebook. You can check out Vin’s fashion resolutions there too.
Or tell us:
What is your favorite accessory from 2013? tweet about it @vinslookbook with the tag #favaccessory2013.
Here are the headlines we like best from the fashionsphere:

Women: fashion trends to look out for in 2014

Knowing the way we do things on Vin’s Look Book, we will give you our version of the trends that are hot this year.

Fashion that made 2013

A walk down the memory lane.

Fashion Floors continues tradition of donation to cancer center

A tradition that should be adopted by more people this year.
Introducing the best segments on Vin’s Look Book.
Vin's Makeover-Emmys edition
Click the pic to view the article.
Vin’s Makeover is a segment in which we take outfits from the worst dressed list and make them look better. We don’t label a celebrity as worst dressed, we show you how they could have worn it better.
Sometimes we also like to redo an otherwise plain outfit that we found on the web. Tell us what you think about them.
A glimpse at our favorite online finds this week. To check out our complete list of favorites, head over to our tumblr.

Style: 119 Joni Dress

$477 USD

Product details

The short flower dress ensures a feminine look. Drapes softly over the collar and back. Ideal for an evening party available in a range of colors including the red scarlet flower and bronze pebble. Sold out in black wave.
Material: 100 % Pure silk
Fitted to body • contrast colors and flower print • Draped around the collar and back • Made in London • Professional dry cleaning • sheer sleeves.

Style: 113 Gracey

$590 USD

Product details

The embossed Black- navy and white dress ensures an elegant feminine look with luxury detail on back of dress. Drapes beautifully over the shoulders. Ideal for an evening of cocktails and glamor
Material: Mixed Fiber
Fitted to body • contrast colours • Large bow at back • Draped over the shoulder • sultry back • Made in London • Professional dry cleaning

Style: 124 Rosemary Dress

$499 USD

Product details

The cobalt blue dress ensures a casual feminine look. Fabric Drapes softly over one sleeve. Ideal for an evening party.
Also available in scarlet red please call in store to make order
Material: Mixed Fiber
Fitted to body • Asymmetric bottom hem • Fabric drapes around one sleeve • Made in London • Professional dry cleaning • gold spring buckle detail on back •

style: d4126

$219 USD

Product details

A highlight of the Autumn/ Winter 2013 catwalk show. The Elegant black lace shirt. Essential for this season and will give any look a luxurious touch.
Materials: 100% Cotton Lace
Fitted long sleeve shirt • Floral Lace • Black cuffs and collar • Black buttons down front • Made in London • Professional dry cleaning • Can be worn with trousers or a skirt for evening event

To check out our complete list of favorites, head over to our tumblr.

Vin’s Look Book has rounded up the top three favorites chosen by readers like you, take a look :

Note: Click on the picture to view the post.

1) The Ugly Truth Behind Beauty:

We found an interesting infographic on the harmful ingridients that go into cosmetics. We then looked for alternatives and methods to reduce the harm caused by these cosmetics. Read the article to see our research.

2) Dandelion Nail Art

A cute manicure to try. It’s simplicity is what makes it beautiful.

3) Soar Like an Eagle:

An outfit idea which is perfect for a day out with friends.

Mambo celebrating the new year.

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