Vin’s Newsletter #8

31 December 2013

“A respectable appearance is sufficient to make people more interested in your soul”
― Karl Lagerfeld

It’s new years eve! wow this year went right past us. We are super excited, getting ready for parties with friends and family. No doubt you are too. In this edition we will make your preparation much easier.

Click the pic to take part.

The new year is just around the corner and we want to make sure it is spectacular for at least one lucky reader.

So we are hosting a new year giveaway!

This one is for all the music lovers out there. Powered by Grandool, we bring you a fantastic giveaway where you stand the chance of winning a grand cash prize of $150!

Vin’s Look Book has rounded up the top three favorites chosen by readers like you, take a look :

Note: Click on the picture to view the post.

1) Why not give lemon green a shot this new year’s eve? Here’s how we style the outfit:

2) Attending a formal party can be a bit intimidating, but we make it a pleasant affair with our simple tips:

3) Hombre outfits are another great option to stand out at any party:

We wish you a prosperous new year. May your wishes be fulfilled.To welcome 2014, here are 7000 fireworks:


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