Vin’s Newsletter #6

20, December, Saturday,2013

Vin's Newsletter(christmas edition)

“Oh, never mind the fashion. When one has a style of one’s own, it is always 20 times better.”
Margaret Oliphant


giveaway update 2

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Vin’s Look Book has rounded up the top three favorites chosen by readers like you, take a look :

Note: Click on the picture to view the post.

Learn to dress for your body type. Our simple guides will tell you how.

1)Hourglass Figure:


2)Pear Figure:


3) Apple Figure:


4) Rectangle Figure:



This time we picked out great gifting ideas for the men.

1) Military Jacket


Military Jacket

$494 USD

2) Grand-Duke


Grand-Duke Gold/Gold – Maroon croco strap

$175 USD

3) 5328



$270 USD

4) Vassari Men’s


Vassari Men’s Striped Jacket Blazer

$139 USD

Here is hoping you have a wonderful christmas season with your loved ones.


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