Vin’s Newsletter #3

Vin's Newsletter

“The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it.”

Diana Vreeland

Got the Monday morning blues? Maybe a dancing pup will cheer you up. (The pup is at the very end, read on.)


Do you have a special event to go to, but just don’t know what to wear? Or maybe you have a favorite top that your not sure how to style?

Vin can help you style your outfit. Just shoot her a message telling her what the occasion is or what article of clothing it is that you do not know how to style. Based on these details and any other specifications that you might have, Vin will style an outfit for you and give you some tips.

Heres a preview of how an outfit request works.

Outfit requests

Hey all!

This outfit request is by La Dauphine. She is attending a beach wedding. Sounds like a lot of fun and, ofcourse, a lot of sun. 😛

Check out Dauphine’s blog here:

Let’s get started.

This outfit needs to be comfortable and stylish. It’s no fun when the climate is humid and you are wearing something that doesn’t let your skin breathe.

Here is the outfit I have put together.

outfit,request,beach, wedding
 To view the rest of the post, click the picture above.


Online Window shopping can be so much fun. Check out our current favs.

1) Lune Bell Sleeve Black

We fell in love with the sleeves on this top. It lends a vintage touch to the shirt.

2) Neck Tie Dress

This dress is made using a material that skims across your body. The iridescent shine it has makes it great for parties.

3) Steam-Punk Red Black

In keeping with this fall/winter 2013’s trends, this skirt is perfect to create a punk girl look.

We keep posting our favorite items on our tumblr. Be sure to visit it for more trendy items found online.

Vin’s Look Book has rounded up the top three favorites chosen by readers like you, take a look :

Note: Click the picture to view the post.

1) Outfit post:

A gorgeous peacock printed button down shirt styled with a blazer and jeans for a semi-formal look.

fashion,style,outfit,jeggings,leggings,skinny jeans,forever 21,zara,blazer,peacock,print,animal,print

2) Choose the Perfect LBD:

The LBD(little black dress) is a staple in every girls closet, but do you have the right one in yours?


3) DIY Fly-Away Hair Wand

A simple but handy tool to have around on bad hair days, say goodbye to those pesky fly-aways.

secret formula


Models spend so much time around makeup artists and stylists, that they can’t help but pick up a few tips and techniques. Some of them have shared their favorite tips with us and these tips are so simple and cost effective, that you can try them using household items. Click on the button below to view their beauty secrets.


Now to keep our promise, chase away those Monday morning blues with the dancing pup.


Twerking Dog.


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