Vin’s Newsletter #2

Vin's Newsletter

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”
― Yves Saint-Laurent

The first edition was received really well and that’s why this edition promises more goodies for you.( P.s. We’ve got kittens at the end of this newsletter.)


1) Are you tired of constantly re-applying your lipstick? Well we certainly are. So we checked out what the experts do to make the color last longer. It turns out there are some very simple tips. Check it out:


Get in tune with your creative side. We love transforming paper into beautiful works of art. But best of all, we love simple DIY’s that are functional.


What do we mean by functional? Well, one of the easy projects we came up with is the ‘fly-away (hair) control wand’, that’s right, you can now control those fly-aways with the flick of a wand.

If you have an easy DIY that you would like to share, send us a message. Fill in the subject line as “DIY”


The Latest Headlines from the world of fashion. The fashion world is abuzz with activity. Hop onto the style express. Where we give you the inside scoop.

Red lips, red lips everywhere!

No we are not talking about makeup. We are talking about red lips on bags, shirts, skirts and even shoes!

Haute Coture, redefined:

A sneak peek  at exclusive designs, known only to celebrities.

Kelly Osbourne’s wardrobe malfunction:

The dress is gorgeous, but in pictures, not quite.



Vin’s Look Book has rounded up the top three favorites chosen by readers like you, take a look :

Note: Click the picture to view the post.

1) How to select the right sweater and style it well.

snow sweetheart

2) Styling With neutrals:

fashion,style,outfit,ootd,beige delight

3) Winter time means winter hats. Find out which winter hat is best for you.

fashion,style,outfit,accessory,hat,Hats galore


How to shut down your kitten.

Beware of the Jenga Master!


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