Vin’s Newsletter #1

 Vin's Newsletter

“You can never be overdressed or over-educated.”
― Oscar Wilde

The first ever newsletter by Vin’s Look Book! Find out what’s going on on Vin’s Look Book and in the World of Fashion. P.s If you stick around till the end, there is a surprise for you. Hint: A celebrity guest appearance.


How many times have you looked at a model or an actress and thought, “Wow! I wish I could look like that.”?

Well what if I told you that their biggest secret is……in the tiny details. By this I mean the little things that we don’t pay much attention to, like fly away hair or the correct usage of makeup brushes.

Better still, what I told you that the styling geniuses behind your favorite stars are now spilling the beans.

That’s right, get the secrets that you won’t find anywhere else except on Vin’s new feature,” Pro Tips- Exclusive content”.

pro,Backstage secrets


The Latest Headlines from the world of fashion. The fashion world is abuzz with activity. Hop onto the style express. Where we give you the inside scoop.

Victoria’s Secret:

What is it like backstage for the girls? Find out in this exclusive behind the scenes video.

Celebrity Wardrobes:

Take a peek at Princess Diana’s Wardrobe.

Fashion Designing Awards:

Great news for aspiring fashion designers.


Vin’s Look Book has rounded up the top three favorites chosen by readers like you, take a look :

Note: Click on the picture to view the post.

1) Green and Granite:

An outfit styling idea inspired by Fall 2013’s Autumn Trend. Grey is the new black and it is really easy to work with, see how.


2) Sizzling:

Learn how to play with color without looking overdone.


3) Shoe-holic: For the Girl Who Loves Shoes

Some heels are gorgeous but they can be just as uncomfortable as they are pretty. These tips are sure to ease the discomfort.

fashion,style,heels,shoes,outfit,Types of heels


Online Window shopping can be so much fun. Check out our current favs.

1)Style 115

style 115

$717 USD

Product details

A highlight of the Autumn/ Winter 2013 catwalk show. The Vibrant Cobalt Blue silk Dress. Essential for this season, flowing lines. contrast brown fabric around collar and waist with cut out to accentuate bust with cut out detailing on sleeves with a pale heather lining.
Materials: 100% pure silk
Nipped in at waistline to accentuate curves • contrast colours on sleeves • heather lining • contrast cobalt and brown fabric • backless • cut out detail sleeves • flowing silk to the floor • Made in London • Professional dry cleaning


Buy product

2)50’s Inspired African Dress:
3) Predator Shoes


You read till the end! Here is a treat for you as a thank you, a classic Jennifer Lawrence reaction, cause we all love her. ❤

Falling mints!

That brings us to the end of this edition. Come back on Thursday for more.

Oh but before you go, let us know, What is your favorite Jennifer Lawrence moment?

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Just use the hashtag: #JenniferLawrence


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